Guava Jam .5G


THC: 84%

Strain Type: Indica

Strain Effects: Relaxed, Hungry, Focused



Guava Jam Garden of Eden Cartridges

Guava Jam .5G, the foundation of a remarkable vape pen is the ability to deliver a reliably clean, flavorful, and noteworthy high. The Gem Line from Eden exemplifies these qualities through its ultra-pure, all-natural cannabis extracts, high airflow hardware, and classic strains that you already know and love. Easy to use, and hard to put down, the Gem Line is your go-to choice for a quick hit and a good time.

TO USE: Turn the device on by quickly clicking the button on your battery 5 times. A white light will indicate that the device is on. Press and hold the button while inhaling from the cartridge. Do not hold the button down for longer than 10 seconds at a time.

TO CHARGE: Screw the USB charger onto the battery and plug it into a USB charging device or outlet. When charging is complete, the USB charger will illuminate green and the battery will stop flashing.

A cross between Stardawg with Afghani indica, the cannabis breeder Flavour Chasers is the original creator of the Indica-leaning hybrid Guava. According to the breeder, Guava carries a fruity and tropical flavor found on both the plant and buds and provides THC levels of up to 21%.

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Additional information

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