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King Louis XIII is a strong Indica strain with calming effects that are helpful for insomnia, pain, and anxiety.

Declare war on pain and stress with The Bloom Brand King Louis XIII Drop. The Indica-dominant effects of King Louis XIII have perfectly retained thanks to The Bloom Brand’s proprietary extraction methods. The Bloom Brand specializes in ethanol-extracted cannabis oils. Each glass dispenser contains 800 mg of Bloom oil that tests at 70% THC.

BLOOM’s proprietary formula has been perfected using a strain fingerprinting technique. Our team is
able to break down strains at the molecular level to perform a chemical analysis of each strain

We then create a fingerprint of those strains and recreate each profile in our oil as close to the
original strain as possible. This process allows us to standardize each profile, allowing for
consistency across all BLOOM strains and states.

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